Our Story

As an ultra runner, my body was constantly being torn down. I was looking for a natural way to help my body repair and ease the pain of training for marathons. I loved the idea of CBD, but was disappointed by the results of the leading brands.

Curious about the quality, I sent several of the leading brands to independent labs to see if their products had the ingredients they advertised. I was shocked to find some products only had a fraction of the CBD stated on their label. So, I began manufacturing CBD using medical quality processes.

The results were amazing! I was so excited that I shared the product with my friend Tyler Southwell, MD – a former pole vaulter that suffered from sciatica. Tyler was so impressed that his pain went away without a medication with harsh side effects that he asked his patients to try my CBD. That was the beginning of an amazing partnership…working with doctors to formulate CBD products to help their patients.

Now, you can receive these amazing products without a prescription. We make products that help you to feel better!


Meet Our Advisors

Eliza Jones-Hedrick, RN, MSN

Critical care and pre-post operation surgery Registered Nurse at Banner Hospital. Adjunct professor at Grand Canyon University. Certified cannabis nurse.

Dr. Tyler Southwell, MD

Founder of Southwellness Medical Care. Medical Degree from Wayne State University in Detroit and Internship at the University of Toledo. Residency at the University of Michigan.

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