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How CBD Oil Can Help Dogs With Seizures And Other Ailments

A number of holistic veterinarians and others are beginning to provide details about their positive results in using CBD oil for dogs. Positive experiences for ailments ranging from tumors, heart murmurs, painful arthritis to seizures from epilepsy and other causes. Just as CBD has helped humans, dogs can reap the same life-saving and health-boosting benefits. Alpha Therapeutics provides the type of high quality products which can assist in improving health and wellness in the family canine companion. Read on to learn how CBD oil can help dogs with seizures and other ailments.

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs

There are a number of ways in which this natural product, derived from hemp oil, can be beneficial to dogs. Researchers continue to learn more about the herb and in many ways, the results are promising. It is important to recognize what the herb is and what it is not. CBD or cannabidiol is found in both hemp and cannabis. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is also found in cannabis. It is THC that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. Because CBD oils contain little or no THC, they have no psychoactive properties. CBD oil will not cause the canine companion to get ‘high’. Instead, the animal will get the benefits of relaxation without becoming intoxicated.

The use of CBD reduces anxiety. Many animals suffer from separation anxiety or noise phobias. For humans, CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress for occasions such as public speaking. The oil is helpful in reducing anxiety in healthy people, as well as in people who suffer from anxiety disorders. Many who struggle with panic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders relate positive results with the use of CBD oil. Research continues to determine whether dogs will enjoy the same positive experience.

CBD oil is effective against the growth of tumors. In products such as cannabis and hemp, inhibition of the growth of cancer cells and tumor cells has been shown. The oil is helpful in promoting the ability of the immune system’s killer cells in fighting and killing cancer cells. The death of cancer cells occurs when they are no longer able to produce energy. CBD’s anti-tumor properties are effective in slowing and inhibiting glioma cell growth. The oil may increase the efficacy of conventional cancer treatment.

CBD can treat seizures and epilepsy. About one in twenty dogs are believed to suffer from seizures. Often such animals will be placed on drugs such as potassium bromide and phenobarbital. The products may help to control your dog’s seizures, but are also suspected to be harmful to the dog’s liver and other organs. The drugs don’t prove to be effective in every case. In fact, CBD has been found to work effectively in epilepsy which is resistant to drugs.

Whether in humans or dogs, CBD oil is effective in reducing pain. The cannabinoids in CBD are being considered as a new class for the treatment of chronic pain. The oil has been shown to be effective for decreasing neuropathy and nerve related pain. It decreases the impact of inflammation on oxidative stress, a factor in degeneration and premature aging. In cases of acute pancreatitis, inflammation is decreased, including reduction of intestinal inflammation which is a symptom of Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). CBD also has the antibiotic properties, including Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

For animals who suffer from long-term inflammation and auto-immune conditions, CBD has been demonstrated to limit the formulation and flow of inflammatory compounds which are a factor in auto-immunity, hypersensitivities and allergies. CBD can suppress TH17 dominance, a major factor in autoimmune diseases. The oil also decreases chronic inflammation and the production of inflammatory macrophages. It is a powerful antioxidant shown to be more powerful than Vitamins E and C.

A dog that suffers from degenerative myelopathy and other nerve and spine issues, CBD is shown to be promising. Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease through its ability to protect brain cells from toxicity. Older dogs using CBD are protected in brain cell death which is the result of free radicals and toxins.

If your pet is less interested in eating, CBD oil for dogs may be helpful. The product can help with nausea and increasing appetite. In animal studies, CBD has been shown to lessen vomiting and nausea, even when they have been the result of toxins and drugs. CBD has been positively linked to heart health, according to some holistic vets. The oil can reduce the damage from impaired blood vessels and irregular heart rates. It can dilate the arteries and protect blood vessels from further damage. The oil assists in the reduction of heart rate and blood pressure which has been linked to anxiety and stress.

As a bonus to the benefits which research shows for CBD Oil, the product for dogs is both safe and legal. Even when taken in high doses and over lengthy periods of time, the oil appears to be safe. CBD oil decreases the formation of liver enzymes needed to metabolize many prescribed medications. If your pet is under a veterinarian’s care, it would be wise to check with the vet before adding CBD as a therapy.

Choosing A Good CBD Oil For Your Pet

Alpha Therapeutics CBD oil for dogs and other pets comes from hemp oil so little or no THC is present. This formulation means that the products are legal in all fifty states. CBD can be a healthy as well as life-saving formulation to help for pets, thanks to its wide-ranging and welcome health benefits. Any side effects are minimal and animals do not appear to cause a tolerance in the pet.

It is important to choose a high quality CBD oil for your dog which is effective. Pick organic products which are free of pesticides, solvents and fungicides. Typically, products which are high quality and pure are more costly. It is important to ensure that the oil contains no harmful additives and is high in CBD. Check the independent and unbiased lab reports about the composition of the products. Alpha Therapeutics provides information about independent lab results and the quality of its products.

Our Lab Tested CBD Oil For Dogs Is Triplicate Tested To Ensure High Quality Results.
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