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How CBD Oil Can Help Horses

For those who are owners or trainers of horses, whether they are working animals or are used for pleasure or competitions, the health of the animal is of crucial importance. Horses are mammals, just as humans are and some but not necessarily all of the health concerns of humans also appear in the equine world. Alpha Therapeutics, LLC has solutions for many of the common ailments which plague animals such as horses. Read on to learn how CBD oil can help horses in similar ways that it helps humans and other animals.


Managing Anxiety and Stress

Horse Ailments


Horses tend to live in instinctive fear of a number of stress-causing traits. They instinctively fear falling or tripping. Since they cannot see what may be behind them, they may be afraid of being overtaken by an unseen danger. Of course, most horses would rather be free to run wild, with no constraints on them. Anxiety is just one of the ailments which plague the equine world.

In addition to anxiety, horses also suffer from physical and medical problems. They can develop muscle soreness, trailering fear, arthritis, stall rest, chronic laminitis, and herd bound issues. Horses can develop Degenerative Joint Disease, in the same way that aging humans do. The DID symptoms appear as stiffness in the joints, swelling and chronic pain.

Another painful condition which appears in horses is Chronic Laminitis. This condition is the result of disruption of blood flows to the laminae. Laminae structures within the foot are the basis of securing the wedge-shaped bone in the foot, known as the coffin bone, to the wall of the hoof. When these structures become inflamed, it can permanently weaken the laminae. In turn, which condition can interfere with the bond between the hoof wall and the bone. Severe levels of the condition may cause separation between the hoof wall and the bone. Laminitis may also be linked to severe colic, digestive issues and aging.

Horses are naturally herd animals which find comfort in their social circles. They can become anxious when they are separated from other horses. Sometimes, it is necessary to keep an animal confined in a stall for any of various reasons. When the animal is cooped-up and idle, it may become dull, anxious or sometimes aggressive. The owner must take steps to counteract the effects which go along with confinement.

Muscle soreness is another factor which can negatively impact the health and life quality of the horse. They suffer from post-exercise muscle strain and pain. The condition may be relieved with physiotherapy and rest. The riders must also think about pain in the area of the saddle and in the horse’s legs after a strenuous ride.

Horses do not like to be confined in small, tight mobile areas. When a horse is placed in a trailer, it is restricted from the room to turn around. Horses may even retain uncomfortable memories of past lengthy rides.

Who Needs CBD Hemp Oil

Horse trainers, equine veterinarians and farriers can all find benefits from the use of CBD Oil. Benefits of the use of approved dosages include general equine anxiety; hauling and transporting; daily overall supplement for health; managing aches and pains; arthritis and joint discomfort; behavior modification, reduction of show anxiety; as a training aid; during grooming; body clipping and grooming; veterinary appointments and general horse health and well-being.

In other words, the use of CBD-rich extracts are used to treat chronic pain, issues with appetite and digestion; anxiety; inflammation; arthritis; nausea; seizures; separation anxiety and generalized anxiety.


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Reducing Inflammation

Benefits of Hemp Products

The CBD Oil is a powerful formulation designed to maintain horse health. Alpha Therapeutics has worked closely with the equine industry to develop a non-psychoactive therapeutic ingredient which contains no THC. The use of hemp products within the equine industry is increasing. CBD oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are known for the health benefits they provide. When the horse’s diet is supplemented with Omega-3 fatty acids, it enhances the absorption of various fat-soluble vitamins, including A, D, E and K.

Additional benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids include the reduction of inflammation; supporting immune function; helping to treat allergies and skin conditions; improvement of joint health and respiratory issues. The product contributes to positive reproductive benefits. These include increased sperm concentration, motility and vitality; enhanced passive transfer of antibodies to foals; enriched colostrum quality and improved fertility.

The nervous system of both mature and immature horses benefits from Omega-3. Supplementation decreases stress, improves cognition and learning and wards off the development of such behaviors as cribbing.

CBD Oil for equines will act as anti-tumoral, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, anti-convulsion, anti-anxiolytic and analgesic compound. It produces no negative side effects and is easy to administer to animals young and old, large and small. The product is strictly natural and its production is carefully monitored. The FEI and the United States Equestrian Federation do not list CBD oil as a prohibited supplement in competition rules. The product is useful in a broad spectrum of anxiety-related concerns for pets, quarter horses, thoroughbreds and other equines.

The hemp plants used by Alpha Therapeutics is exclusively cultivated in the north of Europe. It is grown in a natural environment which is free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. The process of products utilizes the extract of the entire hemp plant. The product includes both secondary cannabinoids and other medical compounds which enhance the therapeutic benefits of the end products for CBD. All of the raw materials are sourced from organic/ non-GMO where they are available.

The company is committed to its cornerstones of quality, communication and transparency. The firm wants to ensure that each patient – equine, human or other – will receive superior pain management and mitigation without any psychoactive elements which are present in medical marijuana. Alpha holds the mission of leading the industry in bring the highest quality CBD-based products to the marketplace. The firm knows that effectiveness of the products they sell is helped by the use of complete product transparency, manifested by a unique QR code which identifies the quality standards of the specific batch.

No products were found matching your selection.