One of our most crucial cornerstones at Alpha Therapeutics is our commitment to product quality.
We know that communication between the manufacturer, physician or healthcare professional, and the patient regarding any prescribed product is essential to a timely recovery. We’re committed to providing any and all details physicians and other healthcare professionals need to provide their patients with the best CBD treatment possible.

500mg Tincture – Certified Product Test Results

500mg Balm – Certified Product Test Results

Decarboxylated Extract – Certified Product Test Results

Raw Extract – Certified Product Test Results


Every individual batch of products are triplicate tested to ensure absolute product consistency and quality, and our packaging contains unique QR codes that link physicians and patients to actual batch results so they can rest easy knowing they have a quality product that performs exactly as intended. As part of our commitment to product quality, Alpha Therapeutics guarantees the use of organic, fair trade raw materials that are non-GMO where available. Click Here to view a sample QR code.

Alpha Therapeutics is a manufacturer and distributor of organic cannabidiol CBD products that provide exceptional pain management and pain mitigation benefits to patients without the psychoactive element present in medical marijuana. Available to physicians and healthcare professionals nationwide.