Our Story

Our mission is to eliminate pain so that you can live in the moment and enjoy today. 
This happens subtly so you can live your life without the distraction of chronic pain and achy muscles. And our new CBN + CBG oil helps you to rest better with less inflammation so that you can wake up more refreshed.

Alpha Therapeutics focuses on manufacturing organically grown CBD and CBG products designed to reduce pain and inflammation naturally so you don't have to rely on medications with nasty side effects. 


Alpha CBD started with a question…"Why don’t I feel lasting relief from CBD products?”


As an ultrarunner, Geoff Dada began researching the top selling CBD brands to reduce inflammation for pain relief and muscle recovery. He found that many of the top CBD bottles didn’t contain as much CBD as they advertised on the bottle! And for chronic pain he found that you may have to take 100mg of CBD (or more) to get 4-6 hours of pain relief. With many brands, that can get expensive fast

Frustrated, Geoff began buying organic raw materials and blending broad spectrum CBD with terpenes and flavonoids until he created a product that worked better than what is on the market and is more cost effective!

One day, his friend Tyler (Dr. Southwell) was complaining about the pain running down his back and leg (sciatica) from sports injuries. Geoff gave him a bottle of his CBD:CBG blend to see if it would help Tyler. Tyler put it on a shelf until the pain got so bad that he finally tried Alpha CBD. He was shocked to find that after 30 minutes his pain subsided for several hours.  

Over the next year, Geoff worked with Tyler to modify the CBD:CBG blend for Tyler’s patients to relieve pain from arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, menstrual cramps, and more!

What they found is that 9 out of 10 of Tyler’s patients were able to significantly reduce or eliminate the amount of medications they were using.

Geoff chose the Greek name Alpha (meaning ‘the beginning’) because the products go back to nature for pain relief. Alpha's mission is to create products that are affordable, high quality, organically farmed, gluten free, non-GMO and vegan whenever possible. 

Alpha does this in a way that creates the lowest carbon footprint possible. For instance, the packaging materials are 100% recyclable and the packing peanuts are recyclable AND compostable! 


What Makes Alpha Products Better?