My Alpha CBD Story

Pro Ultrarunner

Charlie Ware

"As an professional ultrarunner, I stand by Alpha products as the best out there. I routinely use the CBD oil for help with my recovery and sleep, and the salve has been a great addition for easing sore muscles. Highly recommend this company and their product!" - Charlie Ware

George & Dianne Burelli

Relieves My Chronic Pain

"We have suffered from chronic pain for years. Alpha CBD keeps us going without the pain or side effects from medications!"

Deb Oleksy

Relieves My Pain

"Alpha CBD lets me enjoy daily activities like gardening and pickle ball without the aches and pain that I feel when I don't use it. Alpha CBD has become part of my daily routine."

Angela Jarvis

Stops My Migraines

"After surgery, I suffer from debilitating migraines. Alpha CBD works so well, I've been able to stop the migraines and get off my medications to enjoy life again."

Amanda Lindquist

Stops My Anxiety

"As a war veteran and registered nurse, I struggle with anxiety and depression. Alpha CBD stops the anxiety and depression so I can enjoy time with my family!"

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Elite Gymnast

Chelsey Coleman

The Alpha CBD Oil and Pain Stick help me to work out harder and recover faster. I have tried other brands of CBD, but this is my favorite. It works the best! - Chelsey Coleman

"I’ve used this for a few years and absolutely the only thing that relieves my arthritis."

Debbie Lawson


"Helps quite a bit with arthritis pain in my fingers."

Brenda Schneider


"I started using this two months ago to help with my pain. I take it every morning and it keeps me going."

Hanna Peru