Dr. Tyler Southwell, MD - CBD Oil Story

Chronic pain can rob your life of quality, function and, well, joy. My road with CBD started 5 years ago, when yet another flare of sciatica hit right on Christmas Eve, while I was wrapping and packing up my gifts to my kids.

I took Advil, it didn’t help. I considered going to urgent care, but I’d rather be in pain than ask for pain pills. I was extremely frustrated to face an evening with my loved ones feeling like a grizzly bear with a thorn in his foot. I realized my friend, Geoff, had made me a CBD balm to try for pain, which had been sitting there staring at me for months. My friend owned Alpha Therapeutics. I applied it to my lower back and down the course of the shooting pain, and I took 100mg of the CBD oil at the same time.

In 30 minutes I was back home, laughing with my daughter, holding her, bending, twisting. I didn’t even realize it but the pain was gone. What a gift. No side effects, and the pain had just melted away. My sciatica had never come and gone so quickly. I immediately thought, what the heck is in this stuff? Could this help my patients!?

The key I discovered was the formulation of full spectrum CBD without THC (THC is what makes you feel a ‘high’). The more research on Alpha’s products that I did, the more I realized what an incredible, low risk and natural solution this stuff could be for my patients. I started referring patients to try this amazing product and got involved with Alpha – assisting in formula strengths, and systems to prove to patients this contained zero THC. I even drug tested my first 50 patients to prove it to myself. Anyway, I began to fully understand how to prescribe this substance and use it in my clinical practice. I was seeing my patients get off of medications that had nasty side effects, and improve in their quality of life. I started using it for pain right in the office, and letting patients decide if it worked or not. It usually took only 20 minutes no matter if they swallowed the oil or put on a topical balm. Not everyone detected a benefit, but most did - over 85% of my patients.

After studying my patients for the past 4 years and changing up their medication, and helping Alpha improve the formula, my standard of practice has completely changed. I no longer go to NSAIDs, steroids, or pain medications as a first line therapy. When possible, I recommend Alpha CBD, and I’ve seen it change the course of illness, both acute and chronic, in my patients. 

Until recently, we’ve only sold the product thru doctor offices. But it’s time to get the word out straight to people who suffer from chronic pain. I hope that you feel the same relief that so many of my patients have.