Eliza Jones-Hedrick, RN, MSN - CBD Oil Story

As a hospital ICU, PACU nurse and nurse educator for a large university, I see the
problems and side effects of medications prescribed to manage chronic pain.

I grew up on an island in Denmark helping my mom in the garden. In Scandinavia, we look for natural, holistic ways to treat illnesses. So, when my body is in pain, my first thought is “…is there a natural way to treat this?” 

I was so excited when I found Alpha CBD products because they work for me, my friends and my family. In fact, my friend Angie suffered from such severe migraines that she was using several medications to mask the pain, but the side effects basically made her bed ridden most days. Within 24 hours of using Alpha products, she had pain relief and took her life back! It still gives me chills thinking about how her life has changed. This is when I decided to join the Alpha team as a nurse educator – to help as many people as possible.