Geoff Dada Testimony: Medical CBD+CBG Blend

A few years ago when I was competing in ultra-marathons (100 mile races), my body was constantly being torn down. Since I was in the CBD business, I began
experimenting with different blends of CBD and CBG. What I found was that my body responded okay to CBD, but pain went completely away for me and reduced inflammation for better recovery when I combined CBD and CBG.

I shared my personal formula for chronic pain with my friend, Tyler (Dr. Southwell) and asked him to tell me what he thought. It took him a few weeks - and severe pain from his sciatica - to nudge him to try the CBD:CBG blend, but he called me out of the blue all excited asking me to make more for him and his patients. 

That’s when I knew we had a natural product that could help a ton of people. We are so excited for you to try it!