Quality, Transparency, Communication

At Alpha Therapeutics, our commitment to these company cornerstones ensure that every physician and primary caregiver we serve prescribes the right Cannabidiol (CBD) product to every patient. As a manufacturer and distributor of CBD oil tinctures and healing balms, we know that these products offer patients superior pain mitigation and pain management benefits without the psychoactive element present in medical marijuana.

Our mission is to lead the industry in bringing the highest quality CBD-based products to the marketplace. Our oil tinctures and healing balms utilized organic, fair trade raw materials that are triplicate tested to ensure exceptional product quality. At Alpha Therapeutics, we know that the best way to prove the effectiveness of our products is with complete product transparency – and that’s why our product packaging includes a unique QR code to provide physicians and other caregivers with individual clinical test results and data that pertain to your exact batch.


Prior to deciding to join forces with Alpha Therapeutics, I was skeptical of the true clinical utility of CBD-based products for my patients, despite promising clinical research, given the completely unregulated sourcing environment. After using AT’s products on myself, my own family, and then increasingly with my diverse patient population, I found irrefutable proof of surprising effect. To fully embrace this though I decided I needed to be a part of this at every level to ensure the product’s quality and be able to use it with at least as much confidence as I do pharmaceuticals. I believe in what we are doing from sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and our uncompromising production process including post-production testing of every product until it leaves our facility. My goal is to bring this to clinicians like myself who are looking for safe alternatives for their patients, and to provide the type of process and quality assurance they expect from a product used in the clinical environment -which has been lacking so far. Not only are our products effective for a wide array of maladies, but in my clinical experience, are much safer than over the counter or prescription solutions for the same problems. I see a future where this is another tool all clinicians may artfully use to assist in managing pain, anxiety, Panic, PTSD, and type 2 diabetes, among other well researched potential uses.

~ Dr. Tyler Southwell, M.D.